La pura vida en Colombia

A place where you will find as many various landscapes, atmospheres, people as there are various colours in a local carnival. “Hay de todo en Colombia” like told us an old chap met in the Cocora Valley, eight hours drive from Bogota. And even if he mainly meant the Colombian women and their more or […]

Colombian addictions

5 weeks in Colombia is certainly not enough to experience all the landscapes of a country which has pretty much everything : selva, mountains, playas and great parties. But it is definitely enough to get addicted. Here is a list of the wanna-be-back syndroms you may encounter once you step out of the country.

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Getting to la Guajira

After reaching the most southern point of South America in Chile – here – we couldn’t resist going to the opposite direction. And so we did. Once on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Punta Gallinas – the most northern point of South America – located in La Guajira is only 400 kilometers from Taganga, a fisher port we came for scuba diving. 400 kilometres, that’s nothing! Well technically, yes. Read More »

Sleepless Colombia

If you want to get rid of your healthy rhythm of sleeping 8 hours a day, Colombia is a perfect place… And even more in the carnival period.

Colombia is truly the LATIN AMERICA that probably most Europeans have in mind, with heat, music, dance, fiesta, easy going, smiling and never-sleeping people…

Our healthy rhythm was seriously disturbed starting with the wedding in Cartagena and then even more in Barranquilla – the carnival capital of Colombia. 3 days in a colourful, fancy dressed crowd emptying Club Colombia or Aguila cans one by one (locally produced beer) plus a couple of shots of Arguadiente (Colombian national drink tasting a bit like absinth).

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