The Yummy stuff!

This is it! In two days we’re finishing our Asian part of the trip… And beside people, landscapes and amazing atmosphere we will miss… FOOD! The ones who know us a little bit might suspect that the food was one of the main reasons to hit the road 🙂 Indeed, it was one of them. […]

Bhak to the past

Instead of getting back to Kathmandu, which has its charm but it`s exhausting, we went to Bhaktapur, 13km from the capital and a former royal city. Bhaktapur is a time machine. If you want to feel like in a middle age, this is the place to be. Awesome:-) However if you don`t like to hang around with chickens or listen to your neighbour clearing THOROUGLY his throat at 5 am, you`d better go to Miami:-)

Chakra wide opened in Pokhara

Take a deep breath, deeeeeeep breath

This is how we started each of our morning  and evening meditating-yoga session. A four day preparation to climb the Himalaya. As we like to experience local life we spent those four days at Narayan’s home, our yoga guru, who for his part was teaching  us meditation, his wife also fed us with delighting nepalese yogi food (vegetarian only) and their daughter took advantage of Emilia`s help in geometry exercices.

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Kathmandu in a nutshell

Nepal was a short but very “repairing” stop. Well, maybe not Kathmandu that much, as it` s a very hectic city with no sidewalks and no traffic rules. So everyone and everything is mixing on kind of roads and you get horned every single second as the horn is the basic communication tool… And obviously […]