The Yummy stuff!

This is it! In two days we’re finishing our Asian part of the trip… And beside people, landscapes and amazing atmosphere we will miss… FOOD! The ones who know us a little bit might suspect that the food was one of the main reasons to hit the road 🙂 Indeed, it was one of them. […]

Back to school

How to become a teacher in 5 minutes Ingredients 1 Jeremy 1 Madleen 0,5 of Jess (the other co-owner and Nick`s wife) 1 fluo-orange t-shirt with the name of the school on your back 3 English manuals a wifi to remind you the grammar rules you forgot or never learned a bunch of kids between […]

We can be teachers just for one day…

The crew!
The  female part of the school team

Visiting western part of Malaysia means visiting Penang and Georgetown. Visiting Georgetown means dive into the depth of the Malaysian cuisine… How to make your eating budget grow? Being a volunteer!! We decided to do the barter system: accommodation against one of our big talent: ENGLISH;-) In other words, how to become a teacher in 5 minutes and spend couple of amazing days with the local people…. Thank you couchsurfing!

Lost and found, Nick (the co-owner of the school where we’re going to live and teach) with the crew are coming to get us at Firzah`s (read previous post).

Us: Yes, we’re full, we’ve eaten an hour ago.
Nick: Ok, we`re going to eat now….
(Emilia, in her mind): Are we in Poland?? You ate, but you will eat anyway. LOVE THIS COUNTRY 😉

Nick trying to access the locked room by the window
Nick trying to access the locked room by the window

So in 5 minutes, we are eating… and in two hours we will eat again… Jeremy and Madleen, our fellow teachers, another French couple that has been travelling for 7 months, say that this is the way it is. We like it that way!

We get to the school.. Suddenly all the people we were with in a car disappear and someone new is showing us our room. The school is located in a villa of Nick`s father who happens to have a title of a Sir and lives in Kuala Lumpur… So we have our room with a bathroom!

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First stop : Kuala Lumpur & Melakka

So here we are!!! Our first stop of the long journey:-) These are some snapshots from our visit in Kuala Lumpur & Melakka: trying to feel the city, understanding Malaysians, try the local food…and retry it again:-) APPROVED:-) Special thanks to Delphine for putting us up:-)