Lucky encounters in Cambodia

One thing that strikes you when you travel for long in Cambodia is how welcoming everyone is. From small chat  on street stalls to house warming parties and wedding, there’s always someone who wants to speak with you.  Or drink 😉 By the way, avoid waterfalls there, these are real traps! Here are some friendly faces […]

The Yummy stuff!

This is it! In two days we’re finishing our Asian part of the trip… And beside people, landscapes and amazing atmosphere we will miss… FOOD! The ones who know us a little bit might suspect that the food was one of the main reasons to hit the road 🙂 Indeed, it was one of them. […]

Drinking Rice

You know that you’re in Asia, when there is rice in your plate, rice growing around (stunning landscapes by the way, much nicer than a potatoe field) and last but not least, rice is in your glass!

There are hundreds of different beverages made from rice in this part of the world. Humans have learnt to use what’s growing around to make them happy. Speaking of happiness…: There are various degrees from 0 to close to 100% with various names depending on the country. Soft beverages, then rice wine (there are dozens of different names: “raksi” in Nepal, “ara” in Bhutan, “miju” in China, “sra sohl” in Cambodia that is supposed to have between 18% and 25% or sake (also with different names depending on the country) which is stronger.

Cambodians make their own rice wine.  In each village there is at least one household that provides this yeasty and blurred alcohol beverage. As I wrote before “rice wine” should be of 18-25% strong, but Cambodians are not sissies… We only managed to find the 30% and 50% one…

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The house is on fire !

There’s a wedding!”–shouted Emilia from the tuk-tuk “Ya-ya (the tuk-tuk driver), can we stop?” Ya-ya said yes and encouraged us to join the party saying that “they will take a picture with you”. But not only this, they danced with us, they gave us food, drinks, they took lots of photos with us (and we […]