Altiplano’s fashion week

Welcome to the Altiplano, a place where the time stopped couple of centuries ago. Is it the huge altitude (from 2500 to 5000 meters high) that creates a natural boarder and helps preserve the traditions?

Chivay in Canon de Colca – A women is waiting for the bus with her children. She is not going to a fancy dress party.

Well isolation definitely helps. But the community probably is the strongest bound to traditions. When we speak about folklore, the Chollas from Altiplano (indian women from Peruvian and Bolivian highlands) are beating everyone else.

A pair of Alpaca socks (lama wool), a skirt, two braids and a colorful “Keperina” (a piece of cloth they carry on their back with usually a child, or some shopping) makes up the only andean authorized outfit.

Amantani – Lake Titicaca. Women are taking part in the “champions league” of the Island. No sportswear allowed apparently.

Vintage look, curious hats, etc. There all the ingredients for the new hipsters here. Fortunately, there is Coca-Cola and other recent goods to remind us that we are in the XXI st century…


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