South side

We’re very late on our blog posts. It’s time for you to catch up on our Peruvian road trip, starting with the straight and desertic road from Lima to the Altiplano. This is probably not the most exciting part of Peru, but some landscapes are definitely worth sharing. Here we go.

Welcome to the crap island (literally)

The black island of Paracas

This island straight out of an album of Tintin, is described as the Galapagos of the poor people (great, we haven’t been to Galapagos yet).  Although the fauna and flora doesn’t seem as exotic as the one on the Ecuadorian island, it is very prolific. You’ll find there many sea lions, some penguins and thousands of birds (seagulls, pellicanos, etc.) covering the island with guano. Apparently people make money out of the shit.


What can you see?

Reading the lines in Nazca

Can you see it? Take a closer look at the picture. It’s a colibri. We had the chance (?) to get sick for 35 minutes on a tiny plane in order to observe from above the lines created by the Paracas civilization milleniums ago (prior to Inca civilization). Although no one is sure about the meaning of these lines (astrological calendar? offers to the gods for water? UFO?), the precision with which every shape (a monkey, a spider, etc… check them all here, we were too sick to take more pictures on the plane) has been created is stunning.


The new ad for Aqua Di Gio

A piece of Sahara

The Oasis of Huacachina is located in a complete desert only disturbed by the Buggies full of tourists (ourselves too) looking for some good dunes for sand boarding. Although there isn’t much to do there (well, it’s a desert), the landscapes are fantastic, and the sunset magical.


Can’t remember which one is this…


Arequipa – the breaking point.

Arequipa marks the end of the south road and the beginning of the Alti Plano. It is a very pretty colonial town, full of life and well known for its fine cuisine. But we’ll post more about that in a while.


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