La pura vida en Colombia

A place where you will find as many various landscapes, atmospheres, people as there are various colours in a local carnival. “Hay de todo en Colombia” like told us an old chap met in the Cocora Valley, eight hours drive from Bogota. And even if he mainly meant the Colombian women and their more or less voluptuous physics, it’s true, this country is like its ladies – dry and slender in some places, abundant in others, cold and mysterious in uplands or hot in the lowlands… “Hay de todo en Colombia”… and we enjoyed lots of it.




4 thoughts on “La pura vida en Colombia

  1. ca a l’air dingue ce pays! Démente la vidéo. Vous allez l’air de vous régalez! Spécial dédicace au rouler bouler dans la dune avec la go pro 😘


    • Gros regale en effet! Pour le moment c’est clairement notre coup de coeur d’Am du sud. Va vite y faire un tour 😉 Bise


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