Colombian addictions

5 weeks in Colombia is certainly not enough to experience all the landscapes of a country which has pretty much everything : selva, mountains, playas and great parties. But it is definitely enough to get addicted. Here is a list of the wanna-be-back syndroms you may encounter once you step out of the country.

Wandering in the streets of Cartagena

Don’t be fooled by the flip-flops that I got, I am still Emi from the block

Small, lively and colorful. The very touristy – yet lovely – streets of Cartagena offer a time travel experience to all the wayfarers . You can wander within city walls over and over, it never feels the same. (Although all the streets look the same and you can get lost in a minute).

Chilling on the Caribbean beaches

A stupid-fuck in the water

Not all the Colombian caribbean coast can boast about its playas. Most of them may even be disappointing. Indeed they do not all have clear and turquoise water. But when they do, it’s an enchantment and an invitation to laziness.  Something quickly addictive.

Testing your stamina on Bogota highland

Crazy view from Montserrate in Bogota.

2600 meters high. It’s enough to remind us of our addiction to oxygen. Although it affected us right after our arrival, it didn’t seem to affect the locals. The inhabitants of Bogota are highly active and very friendly.

Making coffee in Salento

Rising sun. Morning trek.

Coffee is definitely our number one addiction. Even more since we met Manuel in Chiloe and adopted his “coffee making philosophy” (Indians make coffee = they don’t worry about tomorrow). Salento was no exception to the rule. It is the perfect gateway for relaxing. Temperature is cool, nature is beautiful, coffee is 100% fresh. We settled several days there to make coffee – in the literal and figurative sense.


2 thoughts on “Colombian addictions

  1. Beautiful pics!! If you want to see Colombia’s most beautiful beaches you should go to Providence island, it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to!


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