Sleepless Colombia

If you want to get rid of your healthy rhythm of sleeping 8 hours a day, Colombia is a perfect place… And even more in the carnival period.

Colombia is truly the LATIN AMERICA that probably most Europeans have in mind, with heat, music, dance, fiesta, easy going, smiling and never-sleeping people…

Our healthy rhythm was seriously disturbed starting with the wedding in Cartagena and then even more in Barranquilla – the carnival capital of Colombia. 3 days in a colourful, fancy dressed crowd emptying Club Colombia or Aguila cans one by one (locally produced beer) plus a couple of shots of Arguadiente (Colombian national drink tasting a bit like absinth).

Friday night – “quiet” party

Just after our arrival to Barranquilla, an innocent message from Melina, our friend and Barranquilla local: “this evening my parents are preparing a small party to welcome you, pass by to say hello”… So we did..:-)


Here it is how a “small Colombian party” looks like: the house decorated in all possible colours of the rainbow, as well as the people, 2 different live music bands, beer open bar, dancing, full volume music outside and no neighbour complaining. Plus a big tradition in Colombian carnival: people throwing flour at each others…

The result: “small party” started at 7pm and ended at 9 am the next day… At the end there were only the Colombians that left, non-latinos left around 3am believing that they did a huge party…

Saturday & Sunday – carnival in town!


Apart from the flour, you get sprayed with a foam in the streets as soon as you go out. And you’ll probably get some free shots of Arguadiente. It will be ok, as there will be plenty of stands with local soups and empanadas to fill your stomach and keep you going.


And even if you are the only person who didn’t put a fancy dress for the event, you will get to pose to many photos with the partying crowd, because you’re a GRINGO (a local expression for a foreigner) so you are a part of the attraction. And if you happen to arrive at the place where the parade terminates, you will need to have your feet moving with all the members of the parade for another couple of hours. This was our first latino Carnival!!!


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