6 things that surprised us in Kiwi land

A Kiwi identity definitely exists, but limiting yourself to lonely planet will not take you far. What is this land actually? Europe in the Pacific, or are there things that might surprise. For us, there are. Here are 6 things that strike you once wandering around New Zealand.

Bare feet

Shoeless feet everywhere, in the parking lot, in the city, at the forrest walk. These low profile exhibitionists love to show it and step firmly on the ground. We tried to find an explanation to this national feet exhibitionism, but at the end we found none. We are just jealous, that’s it…

Four seasons in one day

Four seasons of the year in one single day, yep, New Zealand can make it. Freeze in your shorts or burn in your feather jacket. But in the end they are British, so it doesn’t change that much… Good advice: travel in a campervan, at least you know that you’ll have all your possible clothing at hand… And Vivaldi must have been a Kiwi..


Fish&Chips! (or fush&chups pronounced)

Kiwi asking: “So, what is your favourite New Zealand dish?” – Me: “Pardon me”??? This is an unfair question to ask, because everyone after spending at least 5 days in NZ realizes knows it’s fish&chips! Very original;-) Nevertheless had loads of them.

Oh and “young”Kiwi drink a bottle of wine in 5 seconds. Seen it, experienced it.

King Size

This is an XXL country starting with the landscapes that finish where they begin and other way round. We came across giant people, giant chairs and we ate giant mussels. What a shame that the survival cooking kit that we had been provided with was XXS to cook them…

Lawns 2 cm higher – that is an offence!

Mowing the grass should be an Olympic discipline. Kiwis would get all the gold. The lawns are cut to perfection and clean, even around highways. And dogs, stay away & don’t dare to leave you crap there!

Living to extreme

NZ is basically a low building country, so if there’s anything that is higher than 5m will serve them to organize an extreme activity. Bungee, skydiving, jumping from a tower, walking on the bridge…. Jesus, I think I should try and earn some money with my flat on the 4th floor. You want to bungee jump from my flat? 200$ per person (it’s to pay our fine)

Ok, again, we’re just jealous, because we didn’t do any of these….


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