DO/DON’T : how to sleep in a campervan?

Our trip through wonderful New Zealand will be finishing in few days. So now is the time to give you some great insights on our lifestyle of the past month. To start with, we’ll answer one of your most recurring question : how can you sleep in a campervan car?
Here is what we’ve learned after 24 nighty-nights on the backseats of our van 😉

A little bit of context…

Our first night in our spaceship. Awesome.
Our first night in our spaceship. Awesome.

What means sleeping in a campervan? To put you in context, please watch this video first :

Got it? Let’s start…

DO. Drink (a lot of) wine*.


Yes. Wine is definitely helping when it comes to falling asleep. Moreover they have pretty good wines in here. So  don’t make the mistake to go on beer which will make you want to go for a wee several times at night. This is not  very handy when you have no toilets around and it is freezing cold outside.

*but don’t drink and drive, huh…

DON’T leave your windows wide open.

One of the many living species of New Zealand are called sandflies. And they want to bite you. So even though you are claustrophobic, you’d better keep your windows shut at night time if you do not want to spend next 10 days scratching yourself around…

DO park horizontally.

Simple physics. If you go to sleep with your head down and your feet up, you’ll be waking up looking like you’ve been running New York’s marathon- twice. Or the other way round you’ll wake up with your feet accordion-style.

DON’T do freedom camping around Queenstown area…

…or you’ll get a 200 $ (NZD) fine for breakfast. That’s what happened to us after we decided to stay one night on a car park out of town. Definitely the most expensive parking we ever paid for.

Our prize...
Our prize…

DO work on space optimization.


Have you ever looked for a pen in a woman’s bag? well then you know what i mean…

Tip: some yoga classes in Nepal to work on your flexibility are definitely helpful..

DO learn from the sleep addicts

On top of this, observe mother nature and learn from the sleeping masters of New Zealand : the seals.



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