The house is on fire !

There’s a wedding!”–shouted Emilia from the tuk-tuk
“Ya-ya (the tuk-tuk driver), can we stop?”

Ya-ya said yes and encouraged us to join the party saying that “they will take a picture with you”. But not only this, they danced with us, they gave us food, drinks, they took lots of photos with us (and we with them). We were THE GUESTS of the evening!

We (us plus our new friends from a tuk-tuk shared ride: a German guy, and 3 Brits) were welcomed by the host. But it was not even a wedding, it was a HOUSEWARMING party…

The team!
The team!

Some of the highlights of the massive housewarming khmer parties:

  • more or less 150 people (according to Yaya, there were even 450 people…)
  • round tables with catering, like on a wedding!
  • a live band – we were able to count 6 different singers…
  • lots of food, lots of beer….

So we jumped in and we became attraction. We followed the other persons dancing, around the table, turning elegantly our wrists.
At first the girls were given a coke… and guys beer… At that time the Girls were obviously more into beer to pump up the night on the dancefloor… But we didn’t want to shock them and we drank our coke politely. Then we were all invited to the funky table with all the “bad boys” of the party. And here apparently they understood that the western girls deserve a bit of degrees as well.

The hosting couple. Actually we don't even know their names. But that's okay, we look cool together.
The hosting couple. Actually we don’t even know their names. But that’s okay, we look cool together.

Cambodian binge drinking

One among many cultural shocks during the party was the “social” drinking part. Every single glass is a challenge for the Cambodians, and was specially for us that night. So here’s the deal : someone comes to you, points at your glass and shouts : “70%!” (sometimes less, but often more, like 100%). This way your opponent decides by how much you should empty your glass. He’ll empty his glass with you (although his is full of ice cubes, yours is full of spirit). Doesn’t seem fair at all, but we couldn’t disappoint them!

The evening was great with piles of springrolls eaten, hundreds of “high five” given to the children at the party and lots of talking.. (nobody from the Cambodians spoke any English, and we don`t speak khmer, but still we spoke a lot.)

We closed the party and came back to our loyal tuk tuk driver, Yaya, who was waiting for us for the last 4 hours, having a nap… Thank you Battambang city!





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