Chakra wide opened in Pokhara

Take a deep breath, deeeeeeep breath

This is how we started each of our morning  and evening meditating-yoga session. A four day preparation to climb the Himalaya. As we like to experience local life we spent those four days at Narayan’s home, our yoga guru, who for his part was teaching  us meditation, his wife also fed us with delighting nepalese yogi food (vegetarian only) and their daughter took advantage of Emilia`s help in geometry exercices.

By the way Narayan`s synonym of the junk food was “pizza, pasta”. Poor PEF, his two favorite dishes. So imagine us, after three days of yogi food, hiding while going to a pizzeria and making up answers to Narayan`s questions: what have you had for dinner? We sticked to “omelette” and didn`t mention the beer…. We hope that we will not burn in hell for this discrepancies with reality…
Narayan took us for some walks around the scenic lake of Pokhara! See yourself!



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