Back to school

How to become a teacher in 5 minutes

  • Ingredients
    • 1 Jeremy
    • 1 Madleen
    • 0,5 of Jess (the other co-owner and Nick`s wife)
    • 1 fluo-orange t-shirt with the name of the school on your back
    • 3 English manuals
    • a wifi to remind you the grammar rules you forgot or never learned
    • a bunch of kids between 5 and 13 YO
  • Method

Get Jeremy and Madleen explain to you how they run a class… Add a half of Jess between her classes and taking care of her own baby to ask any additional questions you may have. Put an orange t-shirt to make the children understand you’re the boss.

TIP: prepare for a class, because your own English classes are years behind and you have no idea about the grammar difference between “I am going to” and “I will”…

And then you get to the class and here the fun begins….

THE BEST OF our pupils

Don’t get in, Teacher! I’m in the shower!

Before getting to the classroom, we`re realizing it`s blocked because one pupil is taking a shower… (as said before, the school is in a villa house, so most of the bathrooms are attached to the former bedrooms that became classes..). Then we wait until the end of the shower….

No wonder he gets so many stickers, his family is very wealthy

Iden, trying to secure his work
Iden, trying to secure his work

This is a very pragmatic explanation we got from one student, after we were offered a series of colorful Power Rangers stickers by Iden (apparently known as the wealthiest man of the school!)

Can I use the toilet ?

An unidentified student gets into our classroom, while we’re giving a lesson, simply to make a poo. Everything’s normal.

Teaaaacher!!! He is stealing all my answers!!!

Classic one. Small Iden tries to hide his work from his comrades copying his answers. Nice construction though.

Now we`re moving forward after our volunteer experience, so far the best from Malaysia. Special thanks to Jeremy and Madleen for her company and trainingJ and Jess and her family to host us so well, feed us so well and trust us !



6 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Excellent! Je connais la différence entre i AM going to et i will, mais moi je suis pas normale… Thibault a bien aimé la vidéo 🙂


  2. Est-ce qu’on peut avoir la réponse quant à la différence entre ‘I am going to’ et ‘i will’? 🙂
    Sinon c’est marrant, pourquoi les caractères sur vos polos sont chinois? Ils utilisent le mandarin en Malaysie?


    • mieux tard que jamais… I am going to = quand tu as un projet, un plan; I will = quand c’est la decision que tu prends spontanement.
      “This weekend, I’m going to do laundry”.
      “Ooops, I made a stain on my trouser. I will wash it.”…. Sinon, la Malaisie c`est Chine 2. Les proprios de l`ecole etaient chinois.
      (signe emilia du compte de PEF)


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