Do trust the strangers!

So, here we are, arrived in BALIK PULAU, in the middle of Penang and obviously we got out on the wrong stop so we cannot get to our couch-surfing place… Blond, pale, with big backpacks in Balik Pulau which is not a tourist place – we get quickly spotted by Firzah!
Firzah, the SUPERWOMAN…

 Why? Firzah after 1 minute of seeing us offers to call a person we’re looking for (without being asked for this), then (without being asked again..) speaks for us to the bus driver, then decides to take us to the right bus stop in the racing car of her son (because hers is at the garage) and in the end brings you to her home and offers to put you up for couple of days…

Do you need more? Ok, we’re also invited to her place for a dinner, with her great family and friends with I don`t know how many different dishes just for us!!! And yes, we destroyed the myth of a romantic French lover 😉  SORRY…

Firzah, a mother, a grandmother, the wife of a guitar player and car racer = a positively crazy one.

And all this without a drop of alcohol 😉


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